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Matelea thru Uncarina

RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


*MATELEA cyclophylla - #5767.3 - 1"+caudex - $8.00 - (=Gonolobus cyclophyllus) Mexican caudiciform with corky tan caudex similar in appearance to Dioscorea, vines in summer with heart-shaped leaves and green or purple flowers

MOMORDICA rostrata (CUCURBITACEAE) - #5746.2 - 2"pot - $5.00 - conical green and white caudex eventually becomes fat and pleated, long thin annual vines with dark green leaves and small yellow flowers, sexes on separate plants

*NEOHENRICIA sibbettii NEW (MESEMBRYANTHEMACEAE) - #9540 - 2"pot - $5.00 - ground-hugging miniature, short club-shaped gray-green leaves with rough surface, whitish flowers open at night, supposedly scented (LIMIT 3)

*NANANTHUS margaretifera NEW (MESEMBRYANTHEMACEAE) - #9574 - 2"pot - $5.00 - rosettes of thick long pointed leaves with whitish dots, small golden flowers, forms thick taproot (LIMIT 5)

OECEOCLADES calcarata (ORCHIDACEAE) - #9331 - 6"pot - $20.00 - Madagascar, terrestrial orchid with long shiny dark green leaves atop fat pseuodobulb, short spike of green flowers with pink and white at very center, plants with two or more pseudobulbs

PACHYCORMUS discolor NEW (ANACARDIACEAE) - #5661 - 3"pot - $7.00 - Elephant Tree from Baja, CA, winter grower with green leaves, peeling white bark when mature, thick root when young, can be trained as bonsai

PACHYPODIUM saundersii (APOCYNACEAE) - #5741 - 3"pot - $7.00 - caudiciform from southeastern Africa, silvery stem with shiny green leaves in summer, white flowers in fall, can form a large caudex in time

P succulentum - #7445 - 5"pot - $10.00 - pencil-thick green stem from thick carrot-like taproot, long narrow green leaves, small brown spines, large pink flowers, just flowering size

PETOPENTIA natalensis NEW (APOCYNACEAE) - #7659 - 3"pot - $8.00 - brown-skinned teardrop shaped caudex, vining stems with long shiny dark green leaves with purple underneath

PLEIOSPILOS bolusii (AIZOACEAE) - #7462 - 2"pot - $5.00 - fat paired green leaves with minute dots, somewhat bumpy surface, large orange and yellow flowers with coconut scent

P. simulans - #8103 - 2"pot - $5.00 - fat leaves that open widely lying on the ground, large orange and yellow flowers with coconut scent

*RABBIEA difformis (AIZOACEAE) - #8209 - 2"pot - $5.00 - keel-shaped short dark green leaves form tight cluster, yellow flower, cold hardy to below 0F

RAPHIONACME flanaganii (APOCYNACEAE) - #6965 - 4"pot - $10.00 - caudiciform from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, vining stems with slightly fuzzy green leaves from fat white root, can be raised when larger for bonsai-like display

*SANSEVIERIA singularis (ASPARAGACEAE) - #6881 - 6"pot - $15.00 - 1"-thick upright leaves with round cross-section eventually grow to 2' tall

SARCOCAULON herrei (GERANIACEAE) - #8338 - 2"pot - $7.00 - green stems with spiny persistent leaf bases, heavily dissected light green leaves, yellow-white 5-petalled flowers

TITANOPSIS aff. calcareum (AIZOACEAE) - #8499 - 2"pot - $5.00 - (Ghams, Upington) blue leaves with triangular warty tips form low rosettes

T. calcareum - #9296 - 2"pot - $5.00 - (35 km NW Brandvlei) low rosette of light blue leaves with warty orangish tips

T. hugo-schlecteri - #7531 - 2"pot - $5.00 - low rosettes of light blue leaves with bumpy orangish tips, light orangish flower

*TUMAMOCA macdougalii (CUCURBITACEAE) - #8526.3 - 3"pot - $7.00 - uncommon cucumber relative, occurs from Tucson south into Sonora Mexico, white branched tuberous roots give rise to thin green vines in summer with dissected green leaves, small white flowers, small orange berries in late summer, plants can be raised to display the root

UNCARINA roeoesliana (PEDALIACEAE) - #7798.4 - 4"pot - $9.00 - smallest of the genus, green fuzzy leaves from short upright stem, thick root can be raised eventually, yellow flowers with thin purple lines in throat, already flowering size, odd fruits with hooked spines

U. decaryi - #9095.4 - 4"pot - $9.00 - upright stems from thick root, large dark green leaves, lighter underneath, dark yellow flower with purple throat, also sold as U. peltata

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities

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