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updated 09/22/23 - This page is current for the Summer 2023 update


*Ariocarpus fissuratus ssp. fissuratus - #5094 - 1"+seedling - $10.00 - only species of Ariocarpus from Texas, low heavily textured dark green tubercles develop wooly groove on upper face when mature, light pink flower when mature

*Ariocarpus fissuratus ssp. fissuratus v. lloydii "major" - #5093 - 1"seedling - $15.00 - southern variety of the species, tubercles are fairly to completely smooth in seedlings becoming rougher when mature but never as heavily fissured as the northern types, light pink flowers when mature

*Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus ssp. elephantidens - #5441 - .6"seedling - $10.00 - dwarf stem with rosette of triangular tubercles flat with ground on top of thick taproot, tips of tubercles are slightly pointed upward and rougher than regular A. kotschoubeyanus, faster and larger growing than ssp. kotschoubeyanus with darker pink flowers

*Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus ssp. kotschoubeyanus - #5439 - .7"seedling - $15.00 - low dark green rosette of triangular tubercles on thick taproot, pale pink flower in fall

*Aztekium valdezii - #9801 - 2.25"pot - $20.00 - .8"+ grafted offset on Myrtillocactus, odd dwarf species from Mexico, large pink flowers white white center, grafted plant form nice clusters

*Caralluma foetida - #9009 - 2.25"potRC - $6.00 - short light green upright stems will bear clusters of really stinky yellow flowers with dense liver-colored spots and hairs at the tips of the petals

*Duvalia sulcata ssp. seminuda - #8917 - 2.25"potRC - $6.00 - (Saudi Arabia by Tom McCoy) mottled green and white stems spread on the ground, shiny brown flowers with hairs on the edges of petals

*Echinocereus mojavensis "inermis" - #6889 - 1"plant - $5.00 - wild form with short or no spines, small egg-shaped dark green stems form small clusters, bright red flowers in early spring when mature, very cold hardy

*Ferocactus viridescens - #9682 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - La Jolla, California (coastal form) low dark green stem, stout red spines, hooked central spine, greenish-yellow flowers when it gets to about 4" across

*Gymnocalycium friedrichii variegate crest - #5392 - 3.25"potG-SG- $10.00 - old crest that has been in the trade since at least the 1980s, 1.9"-wide fan somewhat variable from half and half variegate and purple to speckled green and red

*Operculicarya pachypus (ANACARDIACEAE) - #8865 - 2.25"pot - $10.00 - 3"tall seedlings with thick taproot, one of the best trees for succulent bonsai, roots can be raised with age and the trunk thickens and often becomes warty, deciduous and will lose its leaves in the winter

*Orbea albocastanae - #8929 - 2.25"potRC - $6.00 - attractive .75"-thick stems are whitish and mottled with purple, clusters of maroon and white mottled flowers

*Orbea halipedicola - #9358 - 2.25"potRC - $6.00 - thin toothy light green stems, dark yellow flower with bold maroon dots, maroon hairs on margins, flower often borne on the ground, smells of fish flakes*Stapelia flavopurpurea - #8456 - 2.25"pot - $6.00 - nice seedlings, upright green stems with purple mottling, 1" flowers with purple center, petals are yellowish with raised ridges, honey-like fragrance

*Piaranthus comptus - #8934 - 2.25"pot - $6.00 - seedlings, bright green stems, .5" tan flowers with liver-colored dots, smells a bit like an old dead mouse

*Turbinicarpus major L0730 crest - #9525 - 3.25"potG-SG - $10.00 - 1.25"-wide dark green fan with dense short white radial spines, longer black-tipped central spines, small whitish flowers in winter