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ITEMS THAT HAVE SOLD OUT - updated 07/27/22 - This page is current for the Summer 2022 update

*ACANTHOCALYCIUM violaceum - #5031 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - green body with sharp ribs and thin tan spines, pink flowers with spiny buds in summer when mature

ALOE parvula - #9278 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - rooted cuttings, this small-growing clone has soft narrow gray-green leaves covered with soft teeth, 18"-tall spikes of light red flowers

ALOE 'Pink Lace' - #9113 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - narrow upright leaves, dainty pinkish-white flowers  

*ALOINOPSIS malherbei  - #7894 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - rosettes of flattened blue-green leaves with small white bumps on the edges and back, clear yellow flowers

*ARIOCARPUS fissuratus ssp. fissuratus - #5094 - .8"seedling - $10.00 - only species of Ariocarpus from Texas, low heavily textured dark green tubercles develop wooly groove on upper face when mature, light pink flower when mature

*ARIOCARPUS kotschoubeyanus ssp. elephantidens - #5441 - .6"seedling - $10.00 - dwarf stem with rosette of triangular tubercles flat with ground on top of thick taproot, tips of tubercles are slightly pointed upward and rougher than regular A. kotschoubeyanus, faster and larger growing than ssp. kotschoubeyanus with darker pink flowers, these are just flowering size

*ARIOCARPUS retusus "pectinatus" - #8820 - .75"seedling - $15.00 - rarely offered form, some think it might be a wild hybrid but it breeds true, dwarf rosette of gray tubercles grows no more than about 5" wide, the areoles are borne near the tips of the tubercles and on mature plants are elongated with a row of tiny spines hidden in the wool, white flowers when mature

*ARIOCARPUS retusus v. furfuraceus - #5098 - .75"seedling - $10.00 - "Furfuraceus Major" from Las Tablas, SLP, MX, fat gray-green tubercles somewhat variable in size and shape, white flowers sometimes with a blush of pink in the fall when mature

*ARIOCARPUS retusus v. furfuraceus 'Pointy' - #9717 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - phenotype from Las Tablas, SLP, MX selectively bred, gray-green tubercles with fat base that tapers to a sharp narrow point, white flowers in fall when mature

*ARIOCARPUS retusus ssp. confusus - #8116 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - Aramberri, Nuevo Leon, MX, low rosette with fat greenish sharply pointed tubercles often with a purple blush, particularly in winter, tubercles are always somewhat softer than other A. retusus, large dark purple flowers when mature

*ARIOCARPUS retusus ssp. panarottoi - #9342 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - low rosette of green-gray tubercles as long as wide, tubercle edges have a thicker "rolled" edge when larger, flowers white or with a little blush of pink

*ARIOCARPUS trigonus - #5102 - .9"seedling - $10.00 - forms a low rosette of stiff olive green tubercles that curve up and inward like claws, large yellow flower in the fall when mature

*ARIOCARPUS aff. trigonus El Olmo - #9538 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - from El Olmo Nuevo Leon, MX, a very odd plant closely related to A. trigonus, long olive green to brownish tubercles lay flat when mature with raised lines that run the length of the tubercle and are much less fat than A. trigonus, also the flowers vary from yellow, to whitish with pink tips, to pink

*ARIOCARPUS scaphirostris - #5101 - .6"seedling - $15.00 - miniature low rosette of erect soft rough dark green tubercles on thick taproot, only grows to about 3" across, dark purple flowers when mature, these are within a year of flowering size

*CYPHOSTEMMA juttae (VITACEAE) - #5007.3 - 3.25"pot - $8.00 - caudiciform grape relative, conical stem with peeling white skin, large gray-green leaves in the summer folded like taco shells, when mature two plants can form small inedible grapes

*ECHINOCACTUS horizonthalonius - #5470 - 1.25"plant - $7.00 - 5-6-year-old seedlings, round blue body with thick curved spines held close

EPITHELANTHA greggii ssp. greggii - #9491 - .8"tall x .6"wide plant - $6.00 - Cuesta Dela Muralla, Coahuila, MX, upright soft club-shaped stem, dense white spines with darker tips, whitish flowers, need two plants to make the bright red fruit

*ESCOBARIA vivipara ssp. bisbeeana - #7560 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - egg-shaped stem will form small clusters in time, dense brown-tipped spines wrap the stem but become more erect when mature, large pink flowers with lighter throat when mature

*EUPHORBIA groenwaldii (EUPHORBIACEAE) - #9162 - 2.75"pot - $10.00 - thick taproot with a crown of light green spiralled stems with paired spines, can eventually fill a 6" pot

*HUERNIA aspera - #9084 - 2.25"potRC - $6.00 - light green stems, dark maroon flower that points down

*HUERNIA keniensis ssp. nairobiensis - #9543 - 2.25"potRC - $6.00 - green stems with some purple mottling, 1" flower sits on its side or faces down, outside of flower is maroon with lighter bands running up the petals, inside dark maroon with short teeth

*LITHOPS aucampiae v. koelemanii - #8784 - .5"-.75"plant - $3.00 - light brown body, network of brown markings on top

*LITHOPS villettii v. kennedyi - #9739 - .5"plant - $3.00 - gray body with rusty brown top

*LOBIVIA arachnacantha - #7229 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - low dark brownish clustering stems with short yellowish spines held close, bright orange flowers in summer

*MAMMILLARIA bella - #9086 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - solitary stem covered with dense white radial spines, brown hooked central spines, rings of reddish flowers in the spring

*MAMMILLARIA carretii - #6961 - 4"pot - $9.00 - low clustering stems densely covered with yellow radial spines and hooked red central spines, small citrus-scented yellow flowers

*MAMMILLARIA guelzowiana - #5535 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - low soft light green stem, tan radial spines obscured by wispy white hairs, yellow to brown hooked central spines, large slightly spicy scented bright pink flowers

*RABBIEA difformis (AIZOACEAE) - #8209 - 2.25"pot - $4.00 - keel-shaped short dark green leaves form tight cluster, yellow flower, cold hard to below 0F

*RHYTIDOCAULON macrolobum ssp. macrolobum - #7671 - 2.5"-3"tall seedling - $6.00 - seedlings, upright olive green, rough-textured, pencil-thick stems branch sparingly and bear .25" (one quarter inch) black and white flowers

*TURBINICARPUS psuedopectinatus - #5606 - .7"seedling - $6.00 - club-shaped stem covered with minute white spines held close, white flower with pink midstripe

TURBINICARPUS valdezianus - #5613 - .5"plant - $5.00 -among the smallest cacti, these are flowering size, feathery white spines wrap stem, large purple flower in spring