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Ariocarpus - Echinocereus

Echinopsis - Lobivia


Matucana -  Pygmaeocereus

Rebutia - Wigginsia

Crested & Monstrose Cacti


Asclepiads (Stapeliads)

Adenia - Dudleya

Erythrina - Kalanchoe


Marlothistella - Tumamoca


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Crested, Variegated, and Monstrose Cacti

G-SG = grafted on Stenocereus griseus G-HJ = grafted on Harrisia jusbertii RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


*COPIAPOA tenuissima monstrose miniature (LIMIT 2) NEW - #9120 - 3"pot G-HJ - $8.00 - clustering black stems with fuzzy areoles and almost no spines, yellow flowers in summer when larger, can be grown on its own roots where the heads grow to only about "

*MAMMILLARIA spinosissima 'Unipico' crest ONLY A FEW LEFT - #9663 - 3"pot G-HJ - $8.00 - 1"-wide bright green crest with single erect glassy spine in each areole

*TURBINICARPUS valdezianus crest (LIMIT 3) NEW - #5750 - 3"pot G-HJ - $8.00 - 1"-wide fan covered in white feathery spines, purple flowers in late winter when larger

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities