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Ariocarpus - Echinocereus

Echinopsis - Lobivia


Matucana -  Pygmaeocereus

Soehrensia - Wigginsia

Crested & Monstrose Cacti


Asclepiads (Stapeliads)

Adenia - Crassula

Erythrina - Kalanchoe

Lapidaria - Lithops

Mestoklema - Yucca


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* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


Disclaimer:  Unfortunately many of the Stapeliads look so similar that they can only be told apart when in flower.  Additionally, they hybridize readily.  We do our best to make sure the plants offered are what they are supposed to be.  We cannot be sure that seedlings from open pollinated seed are pure until they flower.  Rooted cuttings are pretty much guaranteed to be correct.

FOCKEA edulis - #7062 - 3.25"pot - $8.00 - vining stems with green leaves from warty white tuberous caudex which can grow quite large in time, making an attractive specimen  

HUERNIA guttata v. reticulata X H. quinta (LIMIT 5) - #9742 - 2.25"pot - $6.00 - upright dark green stems cluster from the base, 1"+ pale yellow flowers speckled with small liver-colored spots that increase in size and number in the center

H. procumbens hybrid (LIMIT 3) NEW - #9202 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - pencil-thin light green stems branching heavily from at or below soil level, 1"-wide flower with narrow light tan petals and raised mottled annulus

*ORBEA comutata x. O. semitubiflora (LIMIT 3) NEW - #9603 - 2.25"potRC - $5.00 - robust hybrid, light green stems with some purple mottling, nice red flowers larger than O. semitubiflora

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities