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Ariocarpus thru Echinocereus

G-SG = grafted on Stenocereus griseus G-HJ = grafted on Harrisia jusbertii RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


*ARIOCARPUS retusus Mina San Rafael form (LIMIT 2) - #6898 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - dwarf form of A. retusus, gray-green tubercles are narrow and rosettes only grow to about 6" across, white flowers when mature

*A, retusus v. furfuraceus 'Pointy' NEW (LIMIT 2) - #9717 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - phenotype from Las Tablas, SLP, MX selectively bred, gray-green tubercles with fat base that tapers to a sharp narrow point, white flowers in fall when mature

*A. retusus ssp. panarottoi NEW (LIMIT 2) - #9342 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - low rosette of green-gray tubercles as long as wide, tubercle edges have a thicker "rolled" edge when larger, flowers white or with a little blush of pink

*A. trigonus NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5102 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - forms a low rosette of stiff olive-green tubercles that curve up and inward like claws, large yellow flower in the fall when mature

*ASTROPHYTUM capricorne (LIMIT 3) - #9570 - 1.4"plant - $5.00 - from Mina, Nuevo Leon, MX, dark green stem lightly flecked, curly spines as it matures, large yellow flower with reddish center

A. capricorne v. niveum (LIMIT 3) - #5106 - 1.5"plant - $5.00 - 8-ribbed stem with dense silvery-white flecking, initially spineless, will develop curved black spines, large yellow flower with reddish center

*A. capricorne v. niveum aff. nudum (LIMIT 3) - #9224 - 1.3"plant - $5.00 - stem mostly without flecking, develops very stout curved spines that are grayish when mature, large yellow flower has orange center

A. capricorne v. senile - #7946 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - round green stem becomes columnar with age, sparse white flecking, many thin curled brown spines, large yellow flower with orange center when mature

A. coahuilense (LIMIT 3) - #5726 - 1.4"plant - $5.00 - five-ribbed body with very dense flecking that often wicks salts and tannins discoloring it, this stops when the plants get larger, very similar in appearance to A. myriostigma but more closely related to A. capricorne and A. asterias, yellow flower with reddish center, never produces more than 5 ribs when it matures

A. myriostigma (LIMIT 3) - #9673 - 1.3"+plant - $5.00 - from North of Las Palomas, San Luis Potosi, MX, spineless 5-ribbed stem with fine white flecking, produces more ribs when it gets larger, many small yellow flowers when mature

A. myriostigma "quadricostatum" (LIMIT 3) - #7857 - 1.25"plant - $5.00 - Bishop's Cap cactus but with only 4 ribs, covered in dense fine white flecking

*ECHINOCEREUS bonkerae (LIMIT 3) - #9630 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - dark green stem, black-tipped radial spines, dark central spine up to .5" long, large dark purple flower when mature

E. fasciculatus ssp. fasciculatus - #9372 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - Picture Rocks, Pima Co. AZ, soft dark green stems, erect dark brown central spines, white radial spines, clusters sparingly when mature, large pink flowers in late spring

*E. knippelianus ssp. knippelianus (LIMIT 3) - #5288 - 1"plant - $5.00 - small-growing soft green body on thick taproot, 1-3 thin tan spines per areole, light pink flower borne on the sides of the stem

*E. mojavensis "inermis" (LIMIT 3) - #6889 - .75"+plant - $5.00 - wild form with short or no spines, small egg-shaped dark green stems form small clusters, bright red flowers in early spring when mature, very cold hardy

E. neocapillus ssp. milleri (LIMIT 3) - #9467 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - JRT43204, Coke Co. TX, small solitary upright stem, dense red and golden spines, light green flowers in spring

*Echinocereus nivosus NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5296 - 1"plant - $5.00 - green stems covered in dense erect glassy white spines, will cluster with time, shy to produce large dark pink flowers

*E. pacificus NEW (LIMIT 2) - #5297 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 -  from Baja, CA, green stems will form clusters to 12" or more, erect straw-colored spines with darker tips, bright red tubular flower in summer when mature

*E. papillosus v. papillosus (LIMIT 3) - #9798 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - small upright green stems with raised tubercles, yellowish spines, yellow flowers with red center in spring

*E. pulchellus ssp. acanthosetus NEW (LIMIT 2) - #8126 - 1"seedling - $5.00 - smallest of the forms of E. pulchellus, soft green stem on thick taproot, large bright dark pink flower

*E. reichenbachii ssp. baileyi "albispinus" (LIMIT 3) - #5275 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - upright green stems with dense white spines, light pink flowers in spring

*E. rigidissimus ssp. rigidissimus NEW (LIMIT 2) - #8803 - 2.75"pot - $6.00 - Pima Co., AZ, solitary columnar stem with dense tan and pink spines held close, large pink flower with white center

E. rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus L088 (LIMIT 5) - #5302 - 2.75"pot - $7.00 - Red Rainbow cactus, solitary upright stem with dense dark pink spines held close to body, large pink flower with white center when mature

*E. rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus 'albiflorus' (LIMIT 3) - #9616 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - solitary upright stem with dense spines held close to body, spines are white when young, brownish-orange when mature, flower is pure white

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


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