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Acanthocalycium - Echinomastus

Echinopsis - Lobivia


Matucana - Pygmaeocereus

Rebutia - Turbinicarpus

Crested & Monstrose Cacti


Asclepiads (Stapeliads)

Adenium - Cyphostemma

Euphorbia - Kalanchoe

Lapidaria - Lithops

Matelea - Uncarina


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Ariocarpus - Living Rocks of Mexico - Site dedicated to Ariocarpus (my favorite genus), lots of information.

Arizona Cactus Sales - Larger specimens of cacti and succulents, many field grown and acclimated.

Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall Picture archives and links to most other cactus and succulent pages.

Chuck Everson Bookseller - "Your Cactus Bookstore Specialist"

The Great Petaluma Desert Specializing in rare and specimen caudiciforms.

Living Stones Nursery Cacti, succulents, caudiciforms, mesems, and a whole lotta Lithops.

Welcome to Opuntia Web…where glochids are forever - Great resource for information on Opuntiads.

Plantlife Nursery - This nursery , run by Stuart and Jane Riley, carries cacti and succulents, specializing in crested cacti. Plantlife carries many of the same crested species as we do, offering these to Europe, which we cannot.

Rare Succulents - Rare and specimen succulents and caudiciforms.

Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society - Our local society.