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ITEMS THAT HAVE SOLD OUT - updated 11/06/21- This page is current for the Fall 2021 update

*ACANTHOCALYCIUM thionanthum ssp. thionanthum crest - #8340 - 3.25"potG-SG - $12.00 - from AJF250, slow growing 1.25"+ wide light green fan, heavy short light brown spines, these have some scars on the lower portion which is normal for this species

*ARIOCARPUS retusus v. furfuraceus monstrose - #5615 - .75"offsetG-HJ - $9.00 - grafted offsets of this nice mutant that has been around since the late 1980s or early 1990s, dark green stems with dense white wooly tops, can cluster heavily, occasionally grows "normal" heads with the tips of the tubercles bent inward

*ASTROPHYTUM cv. 'Super Kabuto Kikko' - #9419 - 3.25"potG-SG - $9.00 - 1" grafted offset, round lumpy stems covered with large white flecks, will offset heavily

*ASTROPHYTUM myriostigma 'Gipple' - #9759 - 3.25"potG-SG - $9.00 - Hakuun-type cultivar grown from seed and propagated by us, green offsetting stems with large irregular white dots, yellow flowers in summer

*ASTROPHYTUM myriostigma 'Onzuka' monstrose/crest - #9415 - 3.25"potG-SG - $9.00 - .5"-wide fans with dense white flecking, crests fork, making round masses

*ASTROPHYTUM myriostigma 'Onzuka' crest  - #9792 - 4"potG-SG - $12.00 - derived from much smaller monstrose/crest, slow growing 2"+ wide fan, some brown spots but can eventually make an impressive specimen

*CERARIA namaquensis (DIDIERIACEAE) - #8428 - 3.25"pot RC - $12.00 - (= Portulacaria namaquensis) still uncommon, well rooted cuttings of a widely propagated clone but we're still unsure whether it is male or female, small plump light green leaves cover the gray stems, the roots eventually thicken and can be raised for display

ECHINOCEREUS nivosus - #5296 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - rarely available, upright stem with dense erect white spines forms nice clumps, purple/pink flowers when mature

*ECHINOCEREUS viridiflorus ssp. davisii 'Brevispinus' - #9607 .75"offsetG-HJ - $9.00 - spine mutation of this dwarf species, black and white spines are very short and stout, same yellow lemon-scented flowers in late winter as the species

*ECHINOPSIS 'Maria Piazza' - #7912 - 2.75"potRC - $6.00 - (Schick hybrid) Echinopsis-type dark green body, light-colored spines, clusters heavily, large intense pink flowers

*EUPHORBIA suzannae - #6796 - 1.5"plant - $7.00 - initially round green stem will cluster with time, covered with small green pointy bumps, separate female and male plants but these have not been sexed

*GYMNOCALYCIUM lukasikii - #9577 - 1"+plant - $4.00 - (Sierra Del Morro, AR) low stem, purplish in strong light, short tan and white spines held close to stem, light pink flowers

*LEUCHTENBERGIA principis monstrose - #8714 - 3.25"potG-SG - $9.00 - short stout blue-green tubercles with short papery yellow spines, most of the tubercles will form an offset from the tip, although these are on a robust stock they tend to kill it after 3-4 years

*MAMMILLARIA schumannii v. globosa 'Barely Dressed' - #7336 - 3.25"potG-SG - $9.00 - light gray-green stems with plump tubercles and 0 to 1 spine per areole, occasionally has large bright pink flowers in the summer

*STENOCEREUS griseus 'Phil McCracken' - #8479 - 3.25"potG-SG - $9.00 - grafted offsets of this odd sport, lumpy gray stems with short or no spines

*SULCOREBUTIA caniquerallii EM348 - #9454 - 3.25"potG-HJ - $8.00 - grafted clusters, dark green tuberculate stems with short spines held close, dark red flowers with orange center

*SULCOREBUTIA rauschii 'Mars' - #9716 - 3.25"potG-HJ - $8.00 - grafted offsets, first offering of this very nice clone, large heads cluster heavily and maintain deep reddish color, intense purple/red flowers

*TURBINICARPUS swobodae - #5754 - .8"plant - $6.00 - low shiny green stem, short thin black spines, small light yellow flowers, the only self-fertile species of Turbinicarpus